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Business Plan:

I.     To promote CWA in communities across the region that Local 6139 represents.

II.   To make citizens aware that CWA provides assistance not only to our members, but also to the communities located within our region.

III.  To be actively involved in the communities by supporting local entities, civic groups, and charitable organizations.


I.   To provide assistance to the needy and less fortunate citizens in the communities in which we reside.

II.  To establish relationships with the leaders of the communities; i.e., city officials, school board members, police and fire department chiefs, and non-profit association leaders.

III.  To make our presence known in the communities through media coverage of events in which we participate.

Meeting Dates: TBA

Where: Union Hall

Time: TBA

Any questions or concerns, please contact Marc LaRousse at (409) 833-6139 or (409) 782-4651.